Wednesday, October 24, 2012

St Louis Rock N Roll Half Marathon

My sister, Tara and I ran in the Chicago Marathon last October and we so pumped after we completed it we made a decision we wanted to complete at least 1 Marathon a year. Well as we all know life gets the best of us sometimes so we ended up changing our Marathon to a Half Marathon and then decided to sign up for a few more this year! Growing up I hated running mainly because it was a punishment or a requirement for volleyball training. It wasn't until we started training last year that I realized how much my hate for it turned into an obsession! All my fellow runners out there I am sure can relate. Once your body gets used to this daily routine, it does not like it when you miss out. I continued to run last year after our marathon and Bass Pro Half Marathon and then fell out of my routine in January. I was able to get re-motivated just before the JLS Pitter Pat 5k/10k in March. I then knew I wanted to start my training routine back up. This Summer I traveled a lot for work which made it hard to fit in a short run each day. I still wanted to stick with my commitments that I had made to the races in October, November, and December. So this last weekend my family traveled up to STL for a weekend getaway (City Museum, and The Cheesecake Factory) and to watch Tara and I run the Rock N Roll Half Marathon. We had a blast! I was a little nervous about the run, because of my lack of training but actually ended up not doing so bad! It was a beautiful day to take a run around a beautiful city and thank God for all of the blessings in my life!!

The Running Expo 

Aidan wrote Tara and I a "Good Luck" message
City Museum
 The boys climbing in the tunnels

Grace waiting to go up the Ten Story slide
 The 10 story slide, it is a "must do" at the City Museum
Slides Everywhere 

Chris and I sitting on a School Bus that is hanging over the side of the roof
Aidan and Roman 

Yup, that is the boys at the top
Family Fun!
Beautiful morning for a run
The race started at 7AM, so it was still dark, and way too early for me
Waiting at the Starting Line
Standing with my 20,000 running friends
Tiffany sent me this picture while I was running, I thought it was pretty funny! They all jumped at the same time.
 Our cheering crew

My love, (Yes his shirt still says Girlfriend on the back, we will need to change that for the next race!)
Part of my wonderful family, thanks for coming to cheer us along!

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  1. The City Museum looks awesome!!! Good job on the run!