Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sunday Afternon Shooting Range Visit

A few months ago, Chris bought a Groupon to the Sound of Freedom, Indoor Gun Range in Ozark, MO. We actually let the Groupon expire but checked with them and they were willing to honor it for another month. So we made a trip out there this past Sunday, along with Chris' parents, Nancy and Wayne. I've only shot a gun once in my lifetime and it was outside in the middle of the woods, so this was a very different experience, not one I was really prepared for. Chris and Wayne already had guns so Nancy and I had to rent them, they asked us several questions and I had no idea what he was talking about! They then told us since Chris wanted to shoot his 45 we would have to go in the larger gun area. We all put on our glasses and headphones and walked through the doors. I think we might have been in there for a minute total and heard some of the loudest shots I had ever heard and realized it was not for me so I quickly walked out. They changed us to the smaller gun side and it was much easier to handle. I shot several rounds first and then Chris had his turn. For my first time shooting in an indoor range, I thought I did pretty good!

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