Saturday, January 12, 2013

Grace's TENTH Birthday!!!

Yes, I am VERY behind with my posts but will be all caught up after tonight!

First, I CANNOT believe that my niece is 10 years old! She turned 10 on the 26th of November but we had a birthday weekend for her a 2 weekends before her actual birthday. Friday night was her birthday sleepover with her friends, I was able to come up early and eat dinner with them at Kobe's and then they headed off to the movies while I went back to Tiff's to bake Grace's cake. After they returned home from the movies we had cake, she opened presents and then it was a night full of "Just Dance 4". The next day I took Grace to Justice and let her have a mini shopping spree, it was so much fun! I LOVE being and Aunt. In the afternoon, the rest of the family arrived and we went to Ashland Pizza and Pub and then went back to the house for round 2 of presents and cake (which I got the pleasure of baking and decorating). Mark was able to Skype with us during both of Grace's present openings, it really made it feel like he was apart of it all. We ended the night with more "Just Dance 4". What a great weekend with the family!

Dinner at Kobe's

Grace opening her presents at her Friend Sleepover. Mark Skyping in to see all the excitement!

Ashland Pizza and Pub

Grace and me with her birthday cake that I made her.

Family picture....see all of us in the square in the bottom right corner? It's as close to a family picture as we can get right now, but we all loved it!

I love the fact that she is 10 and still wanted to get a BFF necklace with me. She is the coolest 10 year old I know. 

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